Dark Glow

by Snuffaluffagus

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Dark Glow is the first in a series of three singles.


The train and the trestle
Beckons our call
When living's fair
I'll follow you there
Don't wait for me
Like nothing I've heard before

Now I'm knocking at the door
Of where we used to live
And then you let me in
Before I let you go
And now no one knows
Where I've been
But you

The rain and the gutter
Brings me to my knees
And its got me singing
Come back to me

I'm not the streets
But I am the Beach
And we lay all day
To Astrud and say
These are great times
This is the love of our lives

Or maybe now just our youth
You mutter something
Sweet, soft, and dark about the truth
And it went something like
I loved you
But I don't love you anymore

I know nothing about the dark
And the dark knows nothing about me
Except for that it creeps around
And it always freaks you out

Ya, I'm out in that lightening
Ya, I'm out in that dark glow


released 30 November 2014
"Dark Glow"
Song written by: Chris Braciszewski
Production and Engineering: Adam Lathrum
Synth/Samples/Electronics/Mix: Keith Milgaten
Drums: Marc Deriso & Elmo Lovano
Bass: Chad Felix
Guitar: Tyler McKusic
Sax: Sergio Flores
Strings: Adam Lathrum
Keys: Evan Backer
Voice and Lyrics: Chris Braciszewski



all rights reserved


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